No pads, No School Supplies Sponsor a child in Senegal to go to school

par Fatou Diagne

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Thies, Sénégal

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Fatou Diagne

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   “I believe that education should be made mandatory to educate all girls for a better future.  This necessitates requesting assistance to protect and safeguard Senegal’s girls”. 

Fatou Diagne

  Every day, girls face educational barriers caused by poverty, social norms, poor infrastructure, violence, and fragility. Girls’ education entails more than just enrolling them in school. It is about making sure that girls acquire the knowledge and skills needed to compete in the labor market. it helps girls gain the socio-emotional and life skills needed to be strong and confident to navigate and adapt to a changing world. Education will also help them to be able to make decisions about their own lives with dignity and contribute to their communities and the world. 

   However, in Senegal (West Africa), girls face educational challenges due to a lack of affordable personal hygiene products, school supplies, and services due to poverty. Girls dropped out of school because they were not educated about their menstrual cycles or do not have access to sanitary towels (Pads), causing them to use materials like rubbish during their menstrual cycle. They are getting married at the age of 15 to reduce their family’s financial burden and are giving birth at a young age with no support to raise their children. Girls are being forced to perform domestic duties and are subjected to physical or mental abuse by their husbands or partners.

  Being an African girl who has access to education and the opportunity to come to the United States to follow my passion. Unfortunately, living in the United States and returning home every summer to see girls endure the same problems year after year hurts my feelings. I, Fatou Diagne, want to raise enough funds with your generous support to help at least 500 Senegalese students between the age of 13- and 18 with school supplies and washable menstrual pads to have a better future. 

Your donation will help a Senegalese kid pursue her education with a smiley face throughout the school year.

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