Butterfly effect – Let’s fight for change !!

par Butterfly

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Hey there!

We are a group of students from the College bilingue de Dakar, best known as, ‘LCB‘. This year, we decided to join a competition called GSL( Global social leaders) which consists in making an impact in our country concerning global issues. Our group chose No poverty.

As we all know poverty is a great issue in our country and we believe that our way out of it is education, It can open the door to jobs, resources, and skills that a family needs to not just survive, but thrive.
Therefore we organised multiple projects to reinforce quality of education and to help children go to school.

Here are our projects we want accomplish :
– Buy school supplies for children that cannot afford it.
– Pay for the school tuition of teenagers and children in need.
– Awareness day (where we raise awareness on poverty, and make activities for little kids).
Of course, we won’t be able to accomplish our goals alone, we need your help.
All of you.
Wherever you are you can help.
Even a penny can make a difference.


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